Monday Weigh In


-1.8 lb
-13.2 lbs since January 1st.
-120.2 lbs since starting weight.

Current Weight: 137.8 lbs

First off.. Apologies for the slightly blurry camera.. It looked clear when I took it but somehow turned out blurred.

Second.. I don't know how the hell I managed 1.8 lbs loss this week. I was at my parents at the weekend, I traveled there Wednesday night. I ran Thursday and Friday and skipped Saturday and Sunday.

I wouldn't say I ate particularly great either. We ate OK for meal times at my dads house as his girlfriend cooked but we had convenience snacks whilst there when we got hungry.

We didn't eat particularly great at my mothers as we fend for ourselves when we are there and normally can't be bothered cooking. We ended up getting a Pizza from Asda.. I ate it without looking at calories.. only to find 1200 cals in HALF A PIZZA. I almost fainted.

So yeah, I deffo wasn't expecting a loss this weekend but I am happy that there was!

I hope everyone has had a lovely, sunny bank holiday Monday!

Laura x

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  1. Congrats that is an awesome result! I love those weeks where you haven’t really tried as hard as others but you still get a good result.
    That does suck about the pizza though, I hate when you get a nasty surprise with food and calories like that.


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