Summary Sunday


Monday - 3 miles
Tuesday - REST
Wednesday -  35 mins cross trainer, 20 mins incline walking
Thursday - REST - Ill
Friday - 20 mins incline walking, 30 mins cross trainer, 10 mins spin bike
Saturday - 6.88 miles
Sunday - 7.2 miles

Not bad food wise this week. Snacking was reduced to a minimum thanks to my Graze Box. There will be a Whats in my Graze Box and Review coming very soon on that.

Meals weren't bad, some were quick meals but by no meals unhealthy. Could be better with my Dinners and will attempt to be better this week.

Goals set for Last Week:

1) Up Water In-Take this week - 8 Glasses a day.

2) Stretch for at least 10 minutes after your runs. This includes outside running and treadmill.

Didn't do either of these this week. I just didn't drink the water. I made the goal because I was supposed to but just never did it. For that reason. I am going to try this one again next week.

I didn't do a proper stretch this weekend either. I was very rushed this weekend. As soon as we got home from our runs I was hurried to have a shower as we needed to take my boyfriends brother to work.

We could not set off for our runs earlier because his mum is not back from work.

So yeah.. Stretching took a back burner this week.

Goals for Next Week:

1) Up Water In-Take this week - 8 Glasses a day.

Just like I said.. I need to get on top of this one. I have no excuses, I just need to remember to drink. The problem is that I never feel hungry. I'm gonna have a look for an App that might remind me to drink ;)

2) Run on my days off from the Gym. Use them for Speed/Interval Runs.

Like I said above, I want to run on my days off from the gym and go for small but speedy runs. I have just purchased the Zombies, Run! App that I'm going to use to help with interval running  so I will be using that this week.

Hopefully I can do better than last week for my goals.. as this week was an utter fail.

We'll see.

I hope everyone had a nice weekend. Mine was spent working :/ SO not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow when it doesn't even feel like I've had a day off!

Speak to you soon!

Laura x

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