Summary Sunday


Monday - 8.74 miles
Tuesday - REST
Wednesday - 41 mins alternating 3 mins FAST running and 3 mins walking. 21 mins stationary bike
Thursday - 40 mins cross trainer, 20 mins incline walking, 10 mins spin bike.
Friday - REST
Saturday - 6.51 miles
Sunday - 7.31 miles

Not bad this week. 3 days of running due to Easter Monday and 2 days at the weekend. Due to running, I only went to the gym twice this week. Would have been 3 if it wasn't for the bank holiday.

Not bad this week, I don't think I've eaten many bad things this week. I haven't even touched my Easter eggs. Not one of them.. Haven't really wanted to either. So this week has been OK food wise..

Goals set for last week:


Did more than OK with this goal this week. I didn't eat any Easter eggs this week, I wasn't even tempted. Of course.. they can't stay un-opened forever so I am going to break them up and have them as small treats throughout the week to get rid of them slowly.

Goals for this week:

1) Up Water In-Take this week - 8 Glasses a day.

I haven't been drinking half as much water as I need to this week. I seem to start slacking on this one every so often. I've got cordial and a glass on my desk I just don't touch it.

So yeah, 8 glasses a day as a goal and I will be tracking it on MFP.

2) Stretch for at least 10 minutes after your runs. This includes outside running and treadmill.

I thought that the problem with my knees may had been just me not being used to running.. However, I am STILL having a problem with my knees after a few months of running.  My legs can also feel quite sore the day after running. I need to start stretching for longer. At least 10 minutes worth.

That's the only goals I'm gonna set for this week. Lets see how I get on with them.

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter weekend and I hope everyone is enjoying the weather warming up, I certainly am!

Look out for a new post coming soon on Graze Boxes.. I decided to take the plunge after umm'ing and arr'ing for the last few weeks. Im hoping it will save me some money on snacks as I tend to buy new snacks when I get bored of the old.. It will probably also stop me snacking TOO much as I always have more snacks left over and the temptation is there.

We'll see what happens.

Until Next Time!

Laura x

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