Monthly Measurements for March


Changes in Measurements:

Stomach - 36 inches - Loss of 0.5 inches

All other measurements stayed the same as last month.

Measurements for Last Month:

Neck - 12 inches
Chest/Bust - 32 inches
Waist - 27.5 inches
Stomach - 38 inches
Hips - 35 inches
Right Thigh - 22.5 inches
Left Thigh - 22.5 inches
Right Calf - 16 inches
Left Calf - 16 inches
Right Bicep - 12 inches
Left Bicep - 12 inches
Right Forearm - 9 inches
Left Forearm -  9 inches
Right Wrist - 6 inches
Left Wrist - 6 inches

Was expecting more, especially since I HAVE been losing weight this month and with all the running.. I guess it just wasn't enough.

Should be happier that I lost half an inch off my stomach.. but I'm just not..

I'm fed up.

Fed up of looking in the mirror and just HATING what I see.. Maybe I'm kidding myself to think that I will actually lose the belly and huge thunder thighs.. maybe I'm just one of those people with big legs and a horrible stomach...

Maybe surgery on those parts is my only option.. I'm beginning to convince myself that its the only way..

Don't want to whine so much so I'll keep it short and end the conversation here..

Laura x

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