Monday Weigh In


-0.2 lb
-9.2 lbs since January 1st.
-116.2 lbs since starting weight.

Current Weight: 141.8 lbs

It's a loss, Right?! Right?!

I'm seriously unhappy with this weeks weigh in and its getting me down.

In all fairness, I expected a gain this week.. I weighed in yesterday even though I shouldn't have and had gained again. Luckily, that wasn't the case and I've lost a little. I should be happy that I didn't gain this week.

Plan for this week is to make sure I get in my water for my goal this week that I set yesterday.. and limit my snacking.. I've got a Graze Box coming.. One snack per day for the 4 days.. Lets see what happens.

Laura x

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