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I had seen people in the office that were receiving Graze Boxes and I heard and seen reviews of them online.

I have trouble with buying snacks in bulk and not getting round to eating them all because I get bored of having the same snacks over and over. Not to mention they weren’t the healthiest snacks in the world. This is where I decided to get the Graze Box.

So, What is Graze?
Graze Boxes are small boxes, small enough to fit through your letter box. They contain 4 small Punnets with different snacks ranging from seeds, nuts, dried fruit, brownies and flapjacks.

You get to pick the day they are delivered and how often you want a Graze Box. I chose to have mine on a Tuesday every Week.

Inside the box, you get your 4 Punnets that are chosen at random. I got a welcome booklet telling me about graze and how they get their ingredients and then a little Nutrition Booklet which tells you the nutritional value of each of the Punnets you received.

When you sign up, you can go through the selection of foods that they have to offer and they have a rating system. You can bin, like, love, try, and send soon on the different items on the website. I automatically binned ALL olives and seeds as I knew I wouldn’t like them. When you bin something, Graze promise not to send you that item.

If you tick the ‘Send Soon’ box, Graze will try to send you that item in your next box.

I think the best part about these boxes is that you don’t know what you are going to receive! This is great for me as I wont get bored of my snacks, I will be having something different each day, each week.

Graze will always try to send you snacks based on your ratings, however, there is an option on the website that tells graze if you would like the option to get more of your ‘try’ ratings so you get to try things new every week. Otherwise, they will try to send you things you like and love the most but always make sure to try and keep it balanced between your four snacks.
So, How much is it?
Each box is £3.89 including Delivery. I think its a little expensive.. and I would have been able to get way more snacks for the price I paid for 4. However, I like the fact that the snacks are varied every week so I don’t get bored of eating the same snacks every week.

I think after a couple of weeks, I will probably get bored and the novelty of getting the boxes will probably wear off, But for now they are helping with reducing my snacking and reducing me buying TOO many snacks when I’m at the shops.

If you want to see what I got in my Graze Boxes, you can look for blog posts on the specifics.

CLICK HERE for week 1’s Graze Box
CLICK HERE for week 2’s Graze Box.

A little something for you..
If you are interested in trying a Graze Box, you can click the link below to get your own FREE Graze Box.

You are under no obligation to continue getting Graze Boxes after your free box. You can cancel any orders if you find that Graze isn’t for you..

Have you ever tried a Graze Box? What did you think?

Laura x

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