Summary Sunday


Happy Easter, Everyone!
Monday – REST
Tuesday – 30 mins cross trainer, 25mins incline walking, 15 mins running
Wednesday – 45 mins cross trainer, 21 mins stationary bike
Thursday – REST
Friday – 7.31 miles
Saturday – 6.63 miles
Sunday – 7.09 miles
Not bad with exercise this week. Got to the gym this week for 2 days and ran 3 days over Easter weekend and plan on running again tomorrow.
Not much else to say for this..
Ugh… This week was not a good week. Normally, when I exercise, I plan to eat HALF of my exercise calories back but normally no more than that.. This week, I found myself SO hungry and kept eating.
I found myself eating back pretty much all of my exercise calories this week. I was SLIGHTLY over on 2 days this week too. Need to get this under control for next week.
Goals for last week.:
1) Get back to the gym this week.

Yep, got this one done this week. Only 2 days at the gym this week but it was still 2 days.. better than none. The gym had dodgy closing hours over the Easter weekend so I just went running instead.
2) Work on Speed on the Treadmill and Outside
Pfft… Not this week. I went running but it was nothing major. No speed work, my legs just weren’t feeling it.
So.. 1/2 isn't bad I guess.. Lets try a little harder this week..
My goals for this week:
I told my boyfriend and his family that I didn’t want Easter Eggs this year. My boyfriend is not dieting so I bought him some chocolate for Easter and he took this opportunity to decide he was then getting me something in return.. Long story short.. it all went a bit crazy.. I now have loads of chocolate from my boyfriend, his mother and her partner and I need to not eat them all.
Only 1 goal for this week. I think its pretty important. When I started my journey, I said from the very beginning that I would NOT restrict myself from anything that I wanted. This has worked so far.. but after last weeks eating and being hungry all the time, I need to be careful with the temptations available.
I can have SOME of my Easter Eggs this week but try to limit is to a small piece.. and maybe not everyday.. On workout days.
Lets see how good my restraint is this week.
Be on the lookout for my monthly re-cap and Monthly Measurements coming up today and tomorrow!
I hope everyone has had a brilliant Easter weekend! Speak to you soon!

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