Summary Sunday


Sorry that I missed last weeks Summary Sunday! It completely slipped my mind and I never got round to it..
Monday – 6.63 miles
Tuesday – 7.66 miles
Wednesday – 6.51 miles
Thursday – 6.68 miles
Friday – 7.31 miles
Saturday – 6.57 miles
Sunday – REST
Total: 41.36 miles this week.
So, this week was kind of experimental. My boyfriends mum normally runs in the morning, in which case I can never run with her because I go to work when she is going running. However, over the last week she has been doing Jury Service and is running in the evenings for the next 2 weeks.
So.. My experiment was to see if my weight loss increased, stayed the same or decreased with JUST running as exercise this week.
I have run everyday since last Saturday except for today as I HAD to have a rest. I think it was fairly silly and stupid of me to run for 8 days in a row but I will see how it affects my weigh in tomorrow.
Including this weeks miles and last Saturday and Sunday, I’ve run 54.22 miles in 8 days.
It was good fun… but I don’t think I will run that many days again, my legs are very sore.  I’m very proud of the distances I’ve run this week though.

Food has been pretty good as well this week. I’ve had extra calories from my runs, we’ve had proper cooked meals as my boyfriends mum has been cooking this week. All in all its been a good week for food. Haven’t indulged too much.

Goals for this week:
So.. As I didn’t do a Summary Sunday last week. I don’t have any goals to look back on and I can’t remember whether I met my goals from the week before that.. so lets just set some new mini goals for this week shall we..
1) Get back to the gym this week.

Normally, after a break from the gym, its pretty hard to get back into it.. So I’m making it a goal to make sure I get back this week.
2) Work on Speed on the Treadmill and Outside
My boyfriends mum (who is running the HM with me) has a goal to do the HM in ~2 hours. Although I said that I would just be aiming to finish, I don’t think it will hurt to get in a few speed sessions to try and improve my running speed. We’ll see what happens.
I don’t have any more goals for this week that I think are necessary so I will just do my best with the 2 goals that I’ve set for this week.
Interested to see what tomorrows weigh in will bring.. Fingers Crossed! I want to be in the 130s!

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