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Monday - REST
Tuesday - 35 mins cross trainer, 20 mins incline walking, 10 mins stationary bike
Wednesday - 15 mins running, 25 mins incline walking, 20 mins stationary bike
Thursday - 20 mins running, 20 mins stationary bike, 25 mins cross trainer
Friday - REST
Saturday - 6.5 mile run  and Gym - 20 mins easy elliptical and knee strengthening exercises.
Sunday - 5.96 mile run and Gym - 20 mins easy walk and knee strengthening exercises.

Exercise again good this week. 5/7 days exercising. Monday DEFINITELY had to be a rest day after my long runs last weekend, my knees and legs were sore and I wouldn't have done a very good workout.

I figured Friday is always going to be my REST day from now on because of my long runs for half-marathon training that I do at the weekend.

With that in mind.. I decided to do workouts Tues, Weds and Thurs this week as I didn't want to take a rest day and end up only doing 2 days workouts during the working days of the week.

Hopefully my legs aren't too sore so I can change up what days I workout during the week. We will see..

Food was OK this week but I am a SUCKER for things I love being where I can access them. Therefore.. this week I have had an abundance of Roundtrees sweets as there was a box of them in the cupboard where I go in daily..

A few sweets here.. A few sweets there... you get the picture. I'm not expecting much at weigh in and that's my own fault.

I have been eating a fair bit of fruit this week too and less of the cereal bars and other snacks so I guess that's something.. I've bought more fruit for this week, hopefully I can carry on the healthier snacking..

There's no Roundtrees sweets left now so I have no excuse!

Goals for this week:
My goals for last week were to..
1) SNACK BETTER THIS WEEK. Fruit has already been bought.. snack on fruits this week instead of anything else..
2) Work on speed when on the Treadmill at the gym as part of my training. I want to increase my speed on my weekend runs.
3) Eat better breakfast from now on.. This has been really bad lately where I just haven't been in the mood to eat much for breakfast.. So my goal this week is to eat better breakfast..

Like I said, my snacking has been much better this week, I've been turning to fruit before any other choices except for the sweets I encountered this week. They're gone now and I want to continue with this goal.

I worked on my speed this week slightly.. not on the treadmill as my knees were being a bitch this week at the gym.. but I did improve on my speed on my long runs this weekend, I felt faster on my Saturday run, turns out I was slightly faster and I wasn't even that out of breath from pushing..

I think my stamina is improving.. Its definitely getting easier but I seriously need to get my knee problem sorted or at least figure out what is causing the issue. I asked the gym owner if there were any exercises to strengthen my knees and he has given me a few to work on. I'll see how that fairs when I continue to do them.

Breakfast.. Breakfast.. Breakfast.. you continue to be my downfall. I don't want to eat before I get to work because I am worried I will get hungry before it is time for a snack and it will throw me off for the rest of the day.  So instead I'm having breakfast at work.. except.. its not actual breakfast.. I've been having a cup of tea/hot chocolate and a piece of fruit this week and that isn't the best choices..

I may start taking my porridge to work with me and buying some milk.. porridge should keep me fuller for longer too!

OK, So.. My goals for next week are:
1) Again.. Eat a proper breakfast..
2) Find and cook/bake 1 healthy meal and dessert this week
3) Improve overall running including better breathing, better stretching after running.

First 2 goals are self explanatory.. third may need a little explanation.. When I run, I'm constantly being told to get my breathing under control.. especially on hills, my breathing is all over the place sometimes and I need to focus on breathing properly and probably wont get tired as easily..

Secondly, stretching is a must and I've been slacking.. I do a minute or two of quick stretching and then get inside the house.. I need to take the time to stretch properly and hopefully alleviate some soreness from my muscles.. Hopefully it helps.

Anyway... I think I've covered everything for this week. I hope everyone is having a nice relaxed Sunday.. back to the hard work tomorrow!

Speak to you all soon! x

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