Monthly Measurements for February


Changes in Measurements:
Waist - 27.5 inches - Loss of 0.5 inches
Hips - 35 inches - Loss of 1 inch
Stomach 36.5 inches - Loss of 1.5 inches

All other measurements stayed the same as last month.

Measurements for Last Month:

Neck - 12 inches
Chest/Bust - 32 inches
Waist - 28 inches
Stomach - 38 inches
Hips - 36 inches
Right Thigh - 22.5 inches
Left Thigh - 22.5 inches
Right Calf - 16 inches
Left Calf - 16 inches
Right Bicep - 12 inches
Left Bicep - 12 inches
Right Forearm - 9 inches
Left Forearm -  9 inches
Right Wrist - 6 inches
Left Wrist - 6 inches


Although I was seriously hoping for some overall loss, especially my calves and thighs.. I must say Im extremely happy with the results for this month.

I've been whining for the longest time about measurements not moving around my mid section... now they are starting to go down slowly! I'm very pleased its finally budging.

I was dreading my measurement taking this morning, I was hoping to not stay the same as last month cause that was pretty dissapointing.

Must be doing something right! Hopefully it continues next month. Hopefully wont  be long before I start the strength training program.. maybe that will help even more with measurements..

We will see and I'll keep you updated on my progress.

I hope everyone is having a good start to the month of March!

Until next time! x

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