March Recap


Ugh... This year has been flying by!

It feels like yesterday when I mentioned I'd be signing up for the half-marathon in our town... Now its only a month and a half away.

I majority of this months progress has been my running.

I've been running a lot this month.

My runs are normally on a Saturday and a Sunday. Averaging about 6-7 miles for each of the days.

This month, my boyfriends mother, who is training with me for the HM was on Jury service and was available to run after she got back so I had a week where I was running every day.

I ran for 8 days straight with no rest days. Clocked 54 miles. During that time I did a speed run. Found I am capable of running under 10 minute miles if I push myself.

It was a hard run.. I haven't run that fast since. I really need to get in some speed work on the treadmill and outside..

So yeah, running has been OK this month and I'm proud of myself for what I've accomplished.

At some point during this month, I need to do another long run and find out how I compare to the last time I did a long run of 11 miles. I'll keep you updated on that one!

As for everything else.. its been OK.

Weight loss wise.. I've lost 5 lbs this month. That's not bad, I expected it to be less than that.. I can't be far off my goal weight.. I still have no idea what my goal weight is until some of this belly and leg fat starts to disappear.. Hopefully soon!

I've still not made any progress on starting my Strength training program as I intended. I've been too focused on running and I would assume it would be the same for this coming month too.

I guess its more of a plan for after this HM is out of the way. If I start it before then.. you'll be the first to know!

I think that's it for my recap.. This month has gone way too fast.. my main focus has been my running and will continue to be until after HM on May 18th. I'll be glad when I get it out of the way. It makes me nervous.

Obviously, I will still continue to run after its done and will probably get out by myself when I gets warmer.

Right.. Well I hope everyone has had a Marvelous March... and I hope you have had a good relaxing Easter Weekend!

Until next time!

Laura x

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