Summary Sunday


Monday - 30 mins running, 25 mins cross trainer, 5 mins cool-down walk.
Tuesday -
Wednesday - 25 mins running, 20 mins stationary bike, 20 mins incline walking.
Thursday - 25 mins running, 35 mins cross trainer.
Friday - REST
Saturday - 10.7 mile run - Gym - Strength on Arms
Sunday - 7.17 mile run

Exercise good this week. Running was even better this weekend. 5 days exercise pretty good going..

After Saturdays 10.7 miles.. my knees were killing me.. they felt better this morning so I went running again but they felt SO bad towards the end of the run and now its hard to walk..

Food was good for the majority of the week. Some days better than others.. snacking was sometimes an issue. Especially at the beginning of the week. I went to the gym early morning on Wednesday and didn't eat a proper breakfast afterwards so I was hungry for the rest of the day causing me to snack more.. this WON'T happen again.

Goals for this week:
My goals for last week were to..

1) Get back into the gym, no excuses... Gym bag is packed and ready to get back to the gym tomorrow.
2) Try not to snack on anything bad during this week.
3) Continue my running this weekend, gun for 10 miles!

Blasted 2 goals out of the water this week. Got back into the gym. went 4 times this week. Aced my running goal for this week. I did 10.7 miles on Saturday and 7.17 miles on Sunday. Pretty darn proud of myself for the distance this week.

My second goal of not snacking on anything bad wasn't totally busted this week. Snacking was OK but it could have been much better.. I'm trying to slowly get through the rest of the snacks that I already have like my breakfast bars and special k crisp snacks. Although low in calories.. they're still not the best snacks.

So.. with this in mind.. here are my goals for this week..

1) SNACK BETTER THIS WEEK. Fruit has already been bought.. snack on fruits this week instead of anything else..
2) Work on speed when on the Treadmill at the gym as part of my training. I want to increase my speed on my weekend runs.
3) Eat better breakfast from now on.. This has been really bad lately where I just haven't been in the mood to eat much for breakfast.. So my goal this week is to eat better breakfast..

Lets see what happens! I hope everyone has had a fab week.

Until next time! x

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