Summary Sunday


Monday - REST
Tuesday - Gym - 30 minutes cross trainer, 20 mins spinning bike, 20 mins incline walking
Wednesday - REST
Thursday - Running - 6 miles -  Very Hilly
Friday - Running - 6.4 miles - Very Hilly
Saturday - REST - Legs were SO sore after running Thurs and Fri
Sunday - REST - Travelling back home from my Parents.

Exercise was OK but not the best.. 3 days out of 7.. but I was travelling to and from my parents so I didn't expect to get much in this week.

Food was OK this week, again, not the best due to travelling. Over Saturday and Sunday was good eating, that was due to dads cooking which was pretty healthy and mostly veggies. On the days I was travelling, It wasn't too good. I had convenience food from service stations on two occasions and I went out for a meal on Valentines Day.

Goals for this week:
My goals for last week were to..
1) Do not let eating slip this week at parents.
2) Keep active. Try to exercise at least 2/4 days whilst visiting parents.
3) Drink water, nothing else!

OK.. So, goal 1.. Not Bad but Not Perfect.. ate healthy when staying at dads but due to travelling, it was convenience food.

I would say goal 2 was good. I ran 2/4 days that I was at my parents. I was travelling one out of the 4 days and I had REALLY sore legs the day after my 2 runs.

I did not drink water on its own.. I had cordial with no added sugars as I don't like having plain water. I drank cordial for a majority of the trip so I think I cracked this one.


My goals for this week...
1) Get back into the gym, no excuses... Gym bag is packed and ready to get back to the gym tomorrow.
2) Try not to snack on anything bad during this week.
3) Continue my running this weekend, gun for 10 miles!

So, these are my goals for this week.. Lets see how they pan out.. Hoping for a better week and hoping for at least a maintain tomorrow!

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