Summary Sunday


Monday - REST
Tuesday - 21mins running, 25mins cross trainer, 20mins spinning bike
Wednesday - 21mins running, 20mins incline walking, 21 mins stationary bike
Thursday - REST
Friday - 30 mins cross trainer, 20mins stationary bike, 10mins rower, 10mins incline walking
Saturday - 6.5 mile run.. Gym after for light cardio to stop legs stiffening.
Sunday - 6.82 mile run.. Gym afterwards for bike and strength on arms..

Food was ok this week... Mostly the same as last week with some minor changes.. Not much difference.. Not much more to say here..

Goals for this week:

My goals for last week were to..
1) FINISH the NROLFW book this week!
2) Work on running speed on the treadmill by doing HIIT training.
3) Try not to let my food slip at the weekend when I exercise more than weekdays.

I finally finished he NROLFW book, good read, useful tips. Currently making a spreadsheet to track workouts for when I start.. So goal number 1ticked off.

I didn't work on speed work this week.. If anything I did more distance... Although, it's not as much of a struggle to run faster or longer periods of time so I guess it's a start.

Food didn't slip this weekend, I ate when I wanted to eat and calories were good over the weekend so this goal was good.

So this week hasn't been too bad for goals. Now for this weeks goals:
1) Do not let eating slip this week at parents.
2) Keep active. Try to exercise at least 2/4 days whilst visiting parents.
3) Drink water, nothing else!

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