Summary Sunday


Monday - REST
Tuesday - 34 minutes running, 25 mins stationary bike, 5 mins cool down walk.
Wednesday - 35 mins cross trainer, 15 mins running, 10 mins incline walking.
Thursday - REST
Friday - 23 mins running, 15 mins incline walking, 20 mins spinning bike.
Saturday - went for a 6mile run with my boyfriend and his mum - went to the gym afterwards to keep my legs from stiffening up, did bike, treadmill walking and cross trainer for 20 minutes each.
Sunday - 7 mile run - again, went to the gym afterwards to stop my legs from stiffening up, did 20minutes on the bike and then did some resistance training on arms.

Food was pretty good for the first half of the week until it got to the weekend. Even thought I did tonnes of exercise/running over the weekend, I wasn't very hungry and didn't eat too much, was under my calories and wasn't having a proper breakfast. I will have to improve on this next week.

Other than this.. I think everything was ok, I didn't make any majorly poor food choices, I had some chocolate when I wanted some but in moderation, I didn't go nuts.

Goals for this week:

My goals for last week were to..
1) Try to stick to the schedule of 2 workout days and 1 day rest this week.
2) Finish reading NROLFW book so I can start strength training.
3) DRINK MORE WATER. I'm gonna buy a bottle/glass that will encourage me to drink more water during the week. I bought some cordial as I don't like drinking plain water.

The first goal, I smashed this one and only had 2 rest days this week so that's pretty good.

Second one... Not so much. I think I was being a bit optimistic with trying to complete the book before the end of the week. I'm about half at through the book at the moment and its been good so far and I've learnt a decent amount.

My third goal, I'd say this one has been pretty good too. I've been drinking more water now that I have some cordial to go with it, makes drinking the after so much more bearable. So it's a good thing.

So.. My goals for this week..
1) FINISH the NROLFW book this week! I read half last week and should be ale to get through the last half this week and then start the program soon after.
2) Work on running speed on the treadmill by doing HIIT training.
3) Try not to let my food slip at the weekend when I exercise more than weekdays.

So they are my goals for this week.. I see no reason why I can't do all of these goals this week.

It's been a pretty good week, especially my running this weekend. Lets hope i can continue this next week..

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