Monthly Measurements for January


I have had this post in my drafts for the longest time with the intention of starting to take measurements and then making a post every month with my updated measurements. Well, its been sitting here for a couple of months and I didn't get around to it but I will now.

I should have done my starting measurements for the year AT the beginning of the year but I guess this will do. Measurements for the beginning of February have been taken, these will come first, then my measurements for the beginning of January will be provided.

Current Measurements:
Same as last month, no loss in inches :(

Measurements for Last Month:

Neck - 12 inches
Chest/Bust - 32 inches
Waist - 28 inches
Stomach - 38 inches
Hips - 36 inches
Right Thigh - 22.5 inches
Left Thigh - 22.5 inches
Right Calf - 16 inches
Left Calf - 16 inches
Right Bicep - 12 inches
Left Bicep - 12 inches
Right Forearm - 9 inches
Left Forearm -  9 inches
Right Wrist - 6 inches
Left Wrist - 6 inches

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