February Recap


Let me just start by saying that February has been a GOOD month.

A lot of things have happened over the last month.. The most important one to mention is my running which has been GREAT.

I have been getting more into my running this year.. I mentioned in my January Recap which you can go and read HERE, that my boyfriend and his mum decided to enter me into a half marathon...

Well.. I've decided to go for it.. No time like the present and all that Jazz.. so now I'm training for a half marathon on May 18th.

Since then, I haven't wanted to let them down so I have been running more often. I used to HATE running on the treadmill at the gym. I used to make up any excuse not to go on it. Now... I still hate the treadmill but I find myself going on it everyday that I go to the gym.

I'm doing my long runs on Saturday and Sunday. My boyfriend and his mum go running on the weekend anyway, now I'm tagging along.

Like I mentioned in my January post, my cap was 3miles running before I had to stop.. When I first started running with my boyfriend and his mum, I jumped in at the deep end and ran for 6miles. We did stop here and there for a few seconds as we take the dog with us on our run so she needs her pee breaks.

I thought I was flying then. I was SO incredibly proud of myself.. The week after I did 7 miles. I run Saturday and Sundays and our usual runs are about 6 miles so I run about 12 miles total every weekend.

Last weekend I ran a total of 18miles! I ran 10.7miles on the Saturday and 7.17miles on the Sunday. After I finished the 10.7mile run, I stopped and cried as I was that proud of myself.. So yeah.. half marathon training is going well.

I'm having slight issues with runners knees and runners toes at the moment. My knees were SO sore last weekend. I had a blister under one of my toenails.. GREAT fun.. No really, I have been really enjoying the running.

Weight loss hasn't been too bad this month. I've lost 2 lbs this month, so 0.5lbs a week, I'm pretty happy with that.

So all in all things are good.

There are things I need to get on with though that I will try to start this month.. that includes starting my strength training. I think it will help with losing inches where the weight loss is slowing down..

I think that's most of it for my recap this month.. I hope that the month of March is just as successful.

I hope that everyone has achieved everything they wanted in February! Lets see what March brings!

Until next time...

Laura x

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