New Year.. New Resolutions..


Happy New Year, Everyone!

I always try to make an effort with making New Years Resolutions.. I make at least one every year, sometimes a list. For the last couple of years, it has just been focused on losing the weight I want to lose.

This year, is no different, my first new years resolution:

1) Lose the remaining weight.

Now, I don't know WHEN I am going to reach my goal, could be this month, could be 6 months down the line, could be next year. In either case, I need to be prepared with other resolutions in case that is done this year.

I do, of course, have other resolutions that I already thought of before I started writing this post so I will just jot down the other resolutions.. or I should call them goals.. that I would like to meet this year.

So here goes my remaining resolutions for the year of 2013:

2) Start a strength training program and Stick to it.

Now, I've noted this one because I've seen everywhere that it is so important to keep building muscle whilst losing weight and it will also help with the toning. When I joined the gym last year, I did do some strength training but not near enough.

After the owners of the gym decided to cut out the fitness classes and knock down the wall between the studio and the weights room, they moved all resistance machines into the weights room which immediately put me off doing any resistance or strength training. I don't feel comfortable going in the weights room with a bunch of guys, especially since I have no idea what I'm doing or if I will be in proper form.

So I'm going to start a program, I think I'm gonna start the New Rules of Lifting for Women as this starts from the beginning and works up in stages, hopefully its what will get me started. I have the book and I'm going to start reading it!

Now for some smaller resolutions..

3) Do 10 full (non-girly) push ups

Yep.. I want to be able to do the non-girly version of a push-up. At the moment, I can't do one. Let alone 10 of them. It has even been a while since I did a girly version of a push-up so I'll be excited if I can eventually do this.

4) Run 6 miles without stopping.

At the moment, I can run about 2 to 2.5 miles without stopping and it takes me forever to do it. By the 30 minute mark I have to stop running. I haven't been able to get further than this.

So yeah, I want to be able to run further and for longer and preferably a bit faster too.

5) Enter a 10 km race

Following on from the last resolution, I want to enter to run in a 10 km race but I have to do the first one before I can do this. I would also like to not be the last person, so resolution 4 should help with that if I also work on my speed.

I also have some non-fitness related resolutions that I may as well put here too..

1) Bake something every weekend.

I've always really liked baking but it has always been a spur of the moment thing. I've never purposefully baked something. I got some new baking stuff for Christmas as well as a  baking cookbook so I would like to get into baking.

If along the way, I can make the cookbook recipes healthier (as they aren't always healthy) then I will do so. If deemed appropriate and healthy (..and of course, turn out right..) I might share the recipe here.

2) Be more positive

I did notice last year, especially towards the end of the year, that I was being negative quite a lot. Especially towards myself.

I want to start being more positive. If I find myself being negative, I want to find the route of why I'm being so negative and try to change that perspective.

So.. these are my new years resolutions, I hope to achieve them all throughout the year of 2013.

I hope everyone has a fabulous 2013 and achieves all the goals they set!

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