Sum it up Sundays


Monday - REST
Tuesday -Gym - Bike 20mins, Elliptical 20mins and Rower 10mins.
Wednesday - REST
Thursday - Gym - Bike 20mins, Incline Walking 10mins, Elliptical and Rower 5mins
Friday - REST
Saturday - Gym - Treadmill 20mins( + 5minute cooldown) and Elliptical 35mins + Walking round town.
Sunday - REST - But did walking round town.

Food was good for the first half of the week. Snacking has been seriously reduced as I've been major busy at work and haven't had the chance to eat much at work which is a good thing. I've been drinking way more water instead.

Towards the end of the week it went bad. I had another dentist appointment for my other tooth out, that means I haven't been caring too much about food and just been eating what is easiest for me to eat.

So yeah, no excuses, but I just haven't been feeling too good with my face so convenience was easiest.

General Well Being
Not bad at the beginning of the week. Sh*t towards the end, had a breakdown, completely hated myself and the way my body looked. Then had a dentist appointment Yesterday so I felt bad then too. In a bit of a happier mood now. Roll on next week.

Goals for Next Week
My goals for this week were:
1) To try and pick up my pace of running on the Treadmill. (I do realise this WILL take more than a week to achieve but I'm going to see what a week will do for me).
2) Stop weighing myself multiple times in a week (This will be difficult because the scales are in the bathroom, I cannot take them away because everyone uses them, I wont be weighing myself for any additional challenges).
3) WORK OUT 4 DAYS THIS WEEK. (I WILL do this, this week!)

Cracked 2 of them this week. I did attempt to increase my pace this week, I alternated between 3 different speeds this week. 6 mph being my highest and ran for about 3 minutes before I needed to slow it down to 5.5 mph. I will keep working on this, I eventually want to be running about 6 mph constantly.

I only weighed myself once this week and that was for my official weigh in. Proud for not weighing in more than that. Hopefully I can continue that way. Not much else to say for this.

I failed on working out  times this week. When I initially made my goals at the beginning of the week, I totally forgot about my dentist appointment so I wasn't able to fit in my last day. At least I did 3 days.

I didn't know what to have for my goals this week. After having teeth out this week I will not be making a workout x amount of days goal as I don't know how I will be feeling this week.

So, with that in mind, my goals for this week are:
1) Have healthier meals throughout the week. No Junk Food!
2) Discover and Find 3 things I like about myself.
3) Try to walk for atleast 10-20minutes per day(when I haven't been to the gym) as light exercise.

Hopefully everything goes according to plan this week, Hopefully I meet my goals.

I hope everyone has a good week! Speak to you all soon! x

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