Sum-it-up Sunday


Monday: REST
Tuesday: Gym - 30mins Elliptical, 20mins Bike, 10mins Walking
Wednesday: REST
Thursday: Gym - 45mins Eliptical and 5minutes rower.
Friday: REST
Saturday: - Xmas shopping walking and Gym - 5mins rower, 25mins Bike, 15mins Elliptical, 15mins Incline Walking

Food has been good this week, I've been eating fairly healthily during the week. I have continued to make my sandwiches in the morning, which is not only healthier than buying something random at Tesco but is also better on my bank balance.

I did have a little treat over the weekend of Betty Crockers Devils Food Cake. Has to be one of THE most moist cake recipes ever. Brilliant. then on Sunday me and my Boyfriend went to Prezzos. We wont be together at Christmas again this year, so this will be the last Proper dinner together we have alone until after Christmas as I head to my parents next Saturday.

I HATE having to leave my boyfriend for Christmas, but I wouldn't see my family otherwise. Its a shame he has to work bank holidays. I would love to spend Christmas and New Years with him but its just not possible. At least I'm able to spend New Years with him but it sucks that I can't have him around for both.

I tried to pick some healthier options and I did manage the gym 4 times this week to compensate for my eating over the weekend.

General Well Being:
Not too bad... Not to bad. My face has been feeling better since my little trip to the Dentist last week. However, its still not feeling the best. I've had to hold off on getting back to the treadmill. When I'm pumped up on the machines working my arse off, sometimes my face around my gums where I had my teeth out start throbbing and eventually hurts. I can only imagine that this feeling will be worse with my practically jumping up and down with my running.

My mood has been better than it was last week in terms of my self esteem. However, my mood has gotten lower the closer it gets to Christmas. Its been so stressful getting presents and such sorted out for Christmas. I don't want to have to leave my boyfriend and my kitten for Christmas this year so that's bringing down my mood.

At least its only for a couple of days, I'm sure everything will be just fine!

Goals for next week:
So my goals last week were:

1) Have healthier meals throughout the week. No Junk Food!
2) Discover and Find 3 things I like about myself.
3) Try to walk for atleast 10-20minutes per day(when I haven't been to the gym) as light exercise.

I think I accomplished all my goals this week. I did have healthier meals this week. I don't think I had much junk food last week. I had 2 treats this week which was the cake and a meal a Prezzos, other than that I think food has been pretty spot on.

Discover/Find out 3 things I like about myself.
1) I like my face, particularly my eyes and eyebrows. Everyone has always said I had nice eyes/eyebrows, they always ask whether/where I have my eyebrows done and I don't do anything to them. I don't wear makeup. Ever. I don't even know how to apply most of it.
2) I like that I can stay so calm and collected in difficult and stressful situations.  I take everything with a pinch of salt, I try not to stress over things, I think thats helped me alot this week. Just need to keep everything in check.
3) I like my willpower! This must be the most important one in this whole discovery process. I never really thought about it too much but I really do have SO much will power. There have been times where I have just felt like giving up, I never have. I get offered things all the time like goodies, chocolates, cream with my desserts, I know how to refuse. I know I can have things but in MODERATION. I think this is why the majority of my journey has been such a straight forward process so far!

I did walk everyday this week for AT LEAST 10 minutes, sometimes way longer. I walked to Tescos for some bits and pieces a few times this week. I went walking on the weekend for food shopping. I went walking into town during the week to go and get one of my rings resized, so yep. Met this goal!

WooHoo! 3/3

So.... Now my goals for this week.
1) Try to stay as calm as possible and not get stressed. If stressed, take a timeout.
2) Limit snacking, drink more water - At this time of the year, the office gets so much goodies in for everyone. Resist, if not. Moderation. Drink water. Lots of it.
3) Get your Sleep! This will help with goal number 1 and will help me feel much better throughout the week. Atleast 8hours!

So that's my 3 goals for this week. No fitness or gym related goals this week. It just doesn't seem to viable so close to Christmas and I may end up failing them with my diet.

Anyyyyway! I hope everyone has a wonderful week. Don't get too stressed with Christmas just around the corner.

Speak to you all soon! x

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