Sum-It-Up Sunday



Monday - Gym - Incline Walking 40mins, Bike 20mins.
Tuesday - REST
Wednesday - Cross Trainer 50mins, Rower 10mins
Thursday - REST
Friday - REST
Saturday - Walking in Cambridge - Xmas Shopping
Sunday - Gym - Running 25mins, Bike 10mins, Elliptical 20mins.

Exercise.. Better than nothing but not good enough. I was supposed to go to the gym 4 times this week like I planned. I intended to go Friday as me and my boyfriend planned to be out most of Saturday and Sunday.

My boyfriend switched plans, we didn't go to the gym Friday, we went food shopping. He said that we would get up early morning Saturday and go to the gym. It never happened. He turned off my alarms in the morning and didn't bother to wake me up.

I was utterly pissed at him for this as by the time we woke up, we had to go out so there was no time for the gym. I went mad at him, he has been doing this a lot recently. Changing plans, saying he will go to the gym and then changing his mind, leaving me unable to go to the gym.

It just seems that he doesn't seem to care that I am STILL on my weight loss journey and I NEED to go to the gym. I had a conversation with him about this, he apologises but in future, I wont trust him regarding this, I will make gym plans and go on my own if necessary.

Appologies for the rant. 

Food has been good and bad this week. Main meals this week have been good this week and pretty healthy. However, snacking this week has been a major fail. My boyfriends mother bought some shortbread biscuits. I told myself I'd have one and that would be it. 

That didn't happen. The biscuits were SO good, they were soft just like I like biscuits (I don't particularly like crunchy biscuits) and I just couldn't stay away. They've been my downfall this week.

So yeah, Main meals have been the good part of my week. Snacking... Lets not go there. On the positive side, there are none left and they don't sell them at Tesco's any more so I wont have this problem next week!

General Well Being:
I've been So-So this week. Started off OK, had ToTM at the beginning of the week. persisted with gettin to the gym regardless on Monday and Wednesday. It went away after Wednesday. Took quite a few days off from the gym but this was not intentional, You will have already read above why this was.

Went to the gym today, got back to find out ToTM has re-appeared and I feel bloated as shit and have a major headache. So the end of the week has been pretty poo.

Goals for Next Week
Last weeks goals were:
1) Make sure I workout 4 days this week!
2) Try to go to bed earlier so I can get more hours of sleep.
3) Drink more water than last week.

Made 2 of my goals this week, didn't achieve my first one though, as you would have already guessed from my above rant.

I did get to bed earlier this week, I was in bed by 10 am and asleep before 12 am every night this week. It didn't help much though as I am currently being woken up at 4 am every morning by my kitten. So Fun!

I also drank more water this week! I have made a rubber band system. I'm trying to drink 8 glasses of water a day. So, I have 4 rubber bands wrapped around my glass. When I finish a full glass, this is classed as 2 cups of water. I try to remove all 4 rubber bands from the glass by the end of the day and any water drank after work is a bonus.

This has been working quite well, it bugs me to see the rubber bands still there and I know I'm running out of time to drink them so Its keeping me accountable. I'm still not AT 8 cups of water a day but I'm getting there.

My goals for next week are:
1) To try and pick up my pace of running on the Treadmill. (I do realise this WILL take more than a week to achieve but I'm going to see what a week will do for me).
2) Stop weighing myself multiple times in a week (This will be difficult because the scales are in the bathroom, I cannot take them away because everyone uses them, I wont be weighing myself for any additional challenges).
3) WORK OUT 4 DAYS THIS WEEK. (I WILL do this, this week!)

I will try to ace my goals this week. I hope to see all these goals striked through by next sunday.

Speak to you all very soon!

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