Sum-It-Up Sundays


Monday: Walk in to town from work (40mins walking) and Gym
Tuesday: REST
Wednesday: Walk into town from work (40mins walking) and Gym
Thursday: REST
Friday: Fire Marshall Training, packing.
Saturday: Nothing
Sunday: Walking

Havent been able to go to the gym since Friday so I guess I've done OK gym wise, could have been better. Was travelling VERY early morning on Saturday to my mums and dads 200 miles or so away (4hour drive) so I was not ready to do anything exercise wise, I ended up going to sleep early.

Food has been OK this week, not the best. Been getting proper cooked meals in this week instead of eating what is convenient. Had a fair bit of chocolate this week though as it has been around the house (being Halloween and all) and I couldn't resist the temptation to eat some.

Food since the weekend hasn't been much better, a lot of convenience food as I've been at my mums, she has THE tiniest fridge and freezer so we have to go to the shops and get things to eat.

General Well Being:
Again, I've been OK this week, been very cautious with everything I'm eating due to having my tooth out. But I'm happy to report that everything is healing well, I'm not in pain anymore but still struggling and a little scared to eat on the other side of my mouth as I don't want to get food stuck there.

Happier towards the end of the week, I had my Fire Marshall training on Friday, I passed thank god! It would have been well embarrassing if I didn't. Then on Saturday morning me and my boyfriend travelled up north to see my parents for a couple of days. I hope to keep my eating under control whilst I'm here, I go back home on Tuesday and will find out what's what on Wednesday.

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