Sum-It-Up Sunday


Monday: REST
Tuesday: Gym - 30mins Elliptical, 30mins Bike
Wednesday: REST
Thursday: Gym - 40mins Treadmill, 25mins Elliptical
Friday: REST
Saturday: Gym - 50mins Elliptical, 20mins Bike
Sunday: REST

My Monday, Wednesday and Friday rest days were all as planned, I was supposed to work out 4 days this week with Sunday as my final workout day for the week totalling 4 workouts this week.

However, the wind and the rain was SO bad where I am here in the UK that there were several power cuts in the area. The gym does a good job of keeping us up to date with everything. It normally opens at 10am on a Sunday and there was a post on the Facebook page telling us that there was no power at all in the gym so it would be closed. By the time it opened, there was no point in going.

Another really good week food wise, I've had healthy choices most of the week. I've had porridge for breakfast most days, if not I've had a banana and a breakfast bar.

I've hardly had snacks this week because I've been so busy training up a new girl at work that I've just completely forgotten to eat.

Lunch this week has been Ham, Cheese and Pickle sandwiches  light cheese, ham doesn't have  much calories, its been pretty healthy for me. No spreads, Low cal bread. Simple and Easy and Pretty delicious!

Dinners have been good this week, Mostly chicken with potatoes or fish with potatoes and lots of Veg!

General Well Being
Although I've been pretty good with my diet and exercise this week, I've been feeling pretty lousy. Like I've mentioned above, I've been training a new girl at work, this means that everything is twice as hard, takes twice as long to do and is completely draining, I don't take as many breaks because otherwise she sits and waits for me and its awkward!

That. On-top of the fact that my lovely kitten who I totally adore, has been waking me up at ~3am every morning including weekends. Its a vicious cycle and I don't know how to break her habit whilst she is still in the room for the time being. She wakes me and I have to play with her for at least half an hour before she will take herself back off to bed, it then takes me at least an hour to get back to sleep so its an hour lost on sleep!


Goals for Next Week
Last week, my goals were:

1) Drink more damn water!
2) Eat Healthier Snacks
3) Incorporate Strength/Resistance training into my workouts.

I barely scraped my first goal but I'm still not at the point where I'm happy with my water intake. I'm drinking a hell of a lot more than I have been doing. I've been drinking 4-6 glasses of water a day. However, I would like to bump this to 8-10 glasses if possible.

My second goal, I would have checked this as I have been eating more fruit instead of my usual quick snack of breakfast bars, However, this week, I hardly even ate snacks as I didn't have time so I could not possibly monitor or pass this goal.

my third goal was a straight No.  The gym I go to has decided to completely stop their fitness classes and has decided to knock the wall out between the fitness class room and the weights room. Any resistance machines that WERE in the cardio room (most of the machines I used for arm workouts) have been moved into the weights room now there is more space.

This means that I now really don't want to go in there and do it. Its way too crowded full of men and it intimidates me. ALOT. I will however, look into using my weights at home and the NROLFW book to start some weight training and resistance training at home to ease me into the weights room.

So, with all that being said, my goals for next week are:
1) Make sure I workout 4 days this week!
2) Try to go to bed earlier so I can get more hours of sleep.
3) Drink more water than last week.

Lets see how I get on with these goals. I hope to accomplish all of them this week!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful and productive weekend. Speak to you all soon! x

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