Sum-It-Up Sunday


Monday: REST (wasn't supposed to be rest but me and my boyfriend arrived at the gym and it was PACKED. There were no machines free and after waiting 10mins, we decided to give up so Im classing this as a rest day).
Tuesday:  Gym - Treadmill 25mins, Elliptical 30mins
Wednesday: REST
Thursday: Gym - 50mins Elliptical, 15mins bike
Friday: REST
Saturday: Gym - 20mins Running, 20mins Incline Walking, 20mins Bike. Also some Walking. Start of Xmas shopping and went to watch Breaking Dawn Part 2 at the Cinema.
Sunday: Gym - 30mins Bike and 30mins Elliptical

For once, I can say that my eating was great this week. I made healthy choices of Porridge for breakfast for most of the week. I made my own sandwiches for the full week and ate pretty healthy for dinners. So yeah, I'm happy with my eating this week.

Not much more else to say for this.

General Well Being
Been feeling good and optimistic this week, Weight HAS been coming off lately so I'm not stuck with the weight loss for now, its still coming off slowly. I'm optimistic to losing weight this week. I am going to be moving my weigh ins to a Monday as weighing in mid week seems silly and my original weigh in was normally on a Monday along with my MFP weigh in so I should just combine them and stop myself weighing in more than once a week.

Goals for Next Week
My goals for last week were to:

- To eat healthy meals and snacks throughout the week.
- To drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.
- To workout at least 4 days during the week.

I was mostly successful with these goals. I ate healthy meals this week and I worked out 4 times this week. However, I am REALLY struggling with the water thing. I just don't feel thirsty at all and hardly drink anything during the day.

and the other reason I say 'almost' is because my snacks haven't been the best.

That being said, here are my goals for next week:
1) Drink more damn water!
2) Eat Healthier Snacks
3) Incorporate Strength/Resistance training into my workouts.

The first 2 goals are similar to last week. The 3rd goal I'm hoping to improve this week. I've been slacking on my strength training, due to feeling really fat and not really seeing any positive improvements through strength training, I ended up cutting it out completely without reason.

I really shouldn't have done that. I should have just persisted. I need the strength training. I'm going to start reading the NROLFW book and may start that program.

Lets see how I do this week!

Hope everyone has had a good week! Speak to you all next week!

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