Monday: Up North at Parents, Some Walking round town.
Tuesday: Up North at Parents, Travelling Home, No Exercise.
Wednesday: Rest - Alot of Unpacking
Thursday: Gym - 20Mins running, 35mins Elliptical
Friday: Rest
Saturday: An hour walking in town looking for Fridge Freezers
Sunday: Gym - 50mins Elliptical, 20mins Bike.

Exercise has been reasonable considering I was away for the first half of the week. I would have exercised atleast 3-4 times if I'd have been home and had access to the gym. I have done some walking and some of the days that I haven't been to the gym and on those days I was extremely busy.

I TRIED to go to the gym yesterday. Had all my gear on, drove to the gym, only to find out that they now close early on Saturdays too due to lack of people coming in later which I suppose is an acceptable reason but it could have been sign posted someone or I could have been told the last time I came in. Oh Well.

Food has been OK, I feel like every week my food is just OK. I wonder whether I will ever have a great week for food. Maybe next week.

I've been spending WAY too much when I go to Tescos to get my lunch everyday and whilst I'm in there, I'm tempted by all the offers so I've decided to budget myself and make something at home for the week so I don't have to go to Tescos at all during the week.

I'm in between having Sandwiches or Salad, I guess I will decide when I go shopping tomorrow.

I'm going to try and opt for healthier snacks too. Breakfast bars aren't terribly unhealthy but some of them do have a lot of sugar and I think I need to cut down the amount of sugar I have.

General Well Being:
Feeling mostly good this week, which is a start, there were no excuses for not going back to the gym after a break off like I've normally done. I took the Wednesday off to unpack and get everything sorted back at home and was back at the gym on Thursday and it felt good to get back there.

I've started an 80 day challenge here on my blog, you may or may not have seen it, for 80 days I answer a question a day regarding weight loss, it will help you to find out a little more about me and my weight loss journey. Every week or so, you have a weigh in to see how much you've lost and what you plan to do for the following week. Hopefully this will give me some incentive and help to keep me accountable.

I have about 10lbs to lose until I get to my 'goal' weight. I put goal in '' because I don't KNOW if that will be my final goal weight or not. Judging by the fat I still have on my belly and thighs, it might be a bit further than that. We will see.

Im feeling optimistic about this week.
Im going to be adding new sections to these posts which include 3 goals I want to acheive during the week and as of next week, whether I achieved the goals from the previous week. We will see how it goes.

Goals for next week:
- To eat healthy meals and snacks throughout the week.
- To drink atleast 8 glasses of water a day.
- To workout atleast 4 days during the week.

Hope everyone has a fabulous week, Feel free to check out and join in with the 80 day challenge, check out my first day here

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