Favourite Snack Choices


I'm gonna detail some of my favourite snack choices that I eat. Not in any particular order either.

I TRY to eat fruit when I can, mostly at work because they get in fruit for us. I mostly have Banana between Breakfast and Lunch as a snack and Grapes (when my boyfriends mother gets them in) when I'm home and they're pretty much one of the healthiest options for a snack.
I need to try and get more Fruits and Veggies into my diet.

Cereal Bars:
I know that these are not the healthiest options around to have and some may even say that they have little to no nutritional value, but when fruit isn't available and I'm in need of something to tide me over till lunch or dinner, this is my other option.

A few of my favourites to name are Nutri-grain Bars, Nature Valley Bars and Harvest Chewee Bars. Yumm ;)

I normally try to get low fat yoghurt for snacks, they tend to fill me up for long enough before my next main meal or I sometimes have a yoghurt as my last food item before I settle down for the night.

My definate favourite right now are the Weight Watchers Dessert Yoghurts, they are so good only around ~50cals and are low in fat. Obviously I know these will also have alot of sugar in so they're not the best but they will do.

Rice Cakes
Rice cakes have been perfect when I've been getting a hunger pang and want something light to last me till my next big meal. Snackajacks are definately my favourite, especially the Caramel and Choc Chip versions, they're awesome!

Each rice cake has around 50cals and they surprisingly fill me up forever. They're scrummy!

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