Favourite Lunch Choices


OK, Today's post is going to be my favourite lunch choices. However, I will admit that there aren't many versions here as I tend to vary the contents in my lunches rather than what I have.

So firstly, Salad:
I love having salads, they're light on my stomach but still satisfy my hunger at lunch times. My normal salads contain: Lettuce, Cucumber, Cherry Tomatoes, Raddish, Peppers and occasionally red onion. 

What I put with my salad depends on my mood. It ranges from Tuna Mayo, to cut up strips of Ham/Chicken to Egg Mayo. I normally don't have any salad dressing as the extra with my salad provides enough taste for me.

Secondly, Sandwiches:
For the past week especially, I have been having sandwiches for lunch. I normally make my sandwiches on Hovis Nimble bread and I have yet to find a lower calorie bread. In my sandwich I normally have a little salad such as Lettuce, Cucumber and Tomato and then my Filling. Filling is normally something similar to what I have with my salad. Tuna, Ham, Chicken or Egg Mayo. 

Occasionally, if I haven't been able to make my own sandwich, I will buy one from somewhere like Tesco's and it normally has the same filling I would normally have except it normally doesn't have the salad in it.

My third choice is normally some variation of Soup and some bread. New York Co do amazing soups and are very low calorie. I've been having those quite often. 

Other soups are normally the Campbell Soups which are ALWAYS good. I normally have 2 slices of bread with my soup to fill me up a bit more and soup is GREAT for the chilly days!

Lastly, Microwave Meals
If I don't fancy ANY of the above choices and I'm in SUCH a picky mood for what I want to eat, it normally resorts in me getting a microwave meal.

Recently it has been Microwavable Pasta Pots from Tesco's that are actually quite food and filling. Other Microwave meals are normally from the Weight Watchers section or the Tesco's Light Choices section as they are fairly low in calories, have a wide variety of meals and are filling enough for me. 

I try NOT to have microwave meals as often now. I'm trying to stick to more healthier options such as the above meal choices.

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