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Following on from the 'Favourite Choices' posts that I've been doing lately. Obviously, I cannot name EVERY single meal that I eat for dinner but I will name a select few with variations. Here are my favourite dinner choices.

Potatoes, Chicken and Vegetables
This is normally seen quite a few times on my meal diary. It varies slightly depending on what we have in the house, normally the chicken doesn't change. New potatoes are my favourite and they cook quickly and easily so they're normally always a winner. If we don't have new potatoes to hand, we normally ALWAYS have Potato Waffles of some sort in the Freezer, obviously, no where near as healthy but its what is used as an alternative.

Vegetables, no brainer here. Normally peas, mini carrots, brocolli, cauliflower and some red peppers. We normally get the frozen mixed vegetable packs from Tescos, they're pretty good and taste good too.

Talking Portion size, I normally have about 5-6 New potatoes, 1 portion of Chicken breast and half a plate of vegetables. I make sure the vegetables are the main part of my meal.

Pasta, Peas, Cheese and Sausages
May sound like an awful meal to some, but this is seriously delicious. I never had this till I moved in with my boyfriend and now its one of my favourite meals. I normally try to have this on days where I KNOW I will be going to the gym as I worry about the cals and carbs in this meal.

I normally have very little cheese and its normally a low fat cheese, sausages are normally the frankfurter hot dog type, again, not necessarily the best healthy option but we only have this meal about once a week so it doesn't bother me too much.

Nom Nom Nom.. Just typing up these posts about my favourite meals is making me kind of hungry.

Home Made
This is NORMALLY on a Saturday where we have a family meal with my boyfriend, me, his mother, her partner and my boyfriends brother. My boyfriends mother normally cooks, although we occasionally take it in turns.

Her best is Spaghetti Bolognese, she knows that I'm trying to lose weight and therefore always makes sure to get the healthiest ingredients, extra lean mince, always a side of vegetables. Delicious. Every Single Time.

I make a mean Shepards/Cottage pie(I can never remember which one it is), again with extra lean mince meat, LOTS of vegetables for filling and obviously potatoes for mashing, I normally top it with a little bit of low fat cheese with cut up tomatoes, its a favourite.


Something... on Toast.. ;)
Sometimes, when me and my boyfriend seriously cannot be bothered cooking, we go for easier options and it normally involves, like the title of this section says... Something.. on toast.

Varieties for this mean include Spaghetti/Beans on Toast, normally the healthier options with lower fat and cals. Poached Egg/Scrambled Egg on toast. The egg on toast is normally my favourite, reasonable on calories and fairly healthy and fills me up for quite a while.

And if I'm not feeling really hungry, just regular Peanut Butt/Jam on Toast is an option.

I KNOW that the food options in these posts are not the healthiest of options to eat, but these are the choices that I have available to me. Im not the greatest cook and I do not believe that cutting out everything from a diet is the best way. Keeping my favourites available for me to have has been the best way for me.

I WOULD however, be very much open to any other idea for any of the meal sections, I'm always looking for ways to switch up my meals so please leave suggestions and I will bear them in mind!

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