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I'm going to be doing a few upcoming blog posts for different meals containing the things that I like to eat most a majority of the time for different meals starting with my different choices for breakfast.

I'll be doing some choices for Lunch, Dinner and Snacks aswell.

I would like to say that these are in no particular order, but the first choice is by far my favourite breakfast and its Porridge.

I've always enjoyed eating Porridge since I was a kid so it's stuck with me for the most part. I've currently got a new obsession with all types of Quaker Oats So Simple porridge. I normally don't have porridge TOO often during mid year due to it being so warm but when the mornings start to get colder... Porridge becomes my new love.

Oats So Simple come in SO many different flavours, I bought TONNES of boxes to stock up for winter(as they are not so cheap..). They've all been hiding away till now.

Source: Screenshot taken from the Oats so Simple Website: http://www.quaker.co.uk
These are just SOME of the flavours they have... Mmm.. Mmm.. Mmmmmm! They're so Yummy!

I also like Weetabix when its warmed up which turns into a porridge consistency. I've been told several times that you're normally supposed to have them COLD but I have NEVER had Weetabix cold and don't think I ever will. It sounds disgusting, but other people say the same about me having it warm. Oh Well. To each their own.

Anyway. Enough of Porridge, my second breakfast option is a majority of the Kelloggs' cereal range, normal cornflakes, crunchy nut range, rice crispies, bran flakes, they're all good. I try not to have sugar with my breakfast unless its REALLY needed.

Fruit and Yoghurt.
Another option for my breakfast is fruit and a yoghurt. Normally Bananas. I don't tend to eat any other fruit at breakfast time. I tend to go for low fat Yoghurt's if I do have this option for breakfast. I should really try and find an option with less sugar, I will have to look.

Image found from a Google Image Search.
I had an obsession with Crumpets at one point, I was eating them EVERY day for breakfast with Jam, they're delicious and kept me surprisingly full for a long time afterwards. Toast was another good option for breakfast.

I normally get the Hovis Nimble bread (52 Cals per slice!) and have Peanut butter and Jam. I did try with just Peanut butter on its own as I refused to believe that Peanut butter and Jam would go together or taste nice. I was told it would be SO dry and it was. I ended up having to put Jam on and it was actually surpisingly good and now I have it quite often.

Other choices for toast are Nutella or any kinds of other chocolate spread. I have yet to find anything else that I could put on Crumpets other than butter or Jam.

Last but not least..

Breakfast Bars
If I'm in a rush or late for work for any reason, a breakfast bar is normally my easiest option. I can grab one from the box and eat it on the way to work. Choices for breakfast bars are normally the All-Bran, Belvita or Nutri-grain bars.

I tend to go to Tescos before I go to work to pick up my lunch, but I found that if I was late, I'd end up choosing something in there that is not necessarily healthy for me such as a Croissant or Pastry. To stop this habit, I normally keep a box of breakfast bars in the house that I can quickly grab and eat whilst I'm in the car. Its totally stopped me going to the Bakery part of Tescos to pick up something for breakfast if Im running late.

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