Weigh-In Wednesday


Today's Weigh In:

That's just under a lb lost from last week, however, that's also a zero loss or gain since my lowest weight.

I'm back down to my lowest weight of 153.6lbs. I'm OK with that. I'm not happy by any means. I'm slacking SO bad on the weight loss front its not even funny.

Every single time I have the excuse to have a day off at the gym for a couple of days, I seem to grab it with both hands and run. Since the argument with my boyfriend over the weekend and then getting the kitten, I've struggled SO bad to get my motivation to go back to the gym.

I haven't been to the gym now in a week and a half and I NEED to go back. This weight I keep complaining about isn't going away on its own!

Hopefully I get back to the gym sometime this week. :/

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