Sum-It-Up Sunday


Monday: Nothing
Tuesday: Walking to and from town from my work and Gym
Wednesday: Gym
Thursday - REST
Friday: Gym
Saturday: Nothing
Sunday: A bit of walking and tidying up.

Been to the gym 3 times this week, better than nothing I suppose, I had a tooth taken out yesterday so it was dentist orders that I did NO exercise for a couple of days to risk the chances of the socket bleeding again so there was no exercise yesterday and today. I will see how I feel tomorrow with regards to going back to the gym.

Was good at the beginning of the week, got worse towards the end of the week. Had a takeaway of Fish and Chips on Friday which was not good. Yesterday and Today's food have been pretty awful too, my mouth has been SO sore so I've just been eating what's convinient and comfortable. Everything will be back to normal once its less sore, which hopefully wont be too long off.

General Well Being
Like with food, the beginning of the week I was feeling good, I was going to the gym consistently, however, after Friday night it went downhill. Had a tooth extracted like I mentioned above and have feel pretty poop since. Hopefully I feel better soon and will have something better to report for next week. It all depends on how me and my poor face are feeling, don't want to risk making the socket bleed so I'm gonna take it easy if I have to.

Hope everyone has had an eventful week, Speak to you all soon! x

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