Sum-It-Up Sunday


Monday-Friday: Naff All.
Saturday: Back to the gym (YES!!!) and taking the dog for a 40min walk
Sunday: Nothing except doing shopping in Tescos

Yep, Exercise has been crap this week. I did finally get back to the gym this week, yesterday. I was supposed to go today but I had some soup and afterwards I felt SO sick. I'm feeling really full and reckon any exercise is gonna make me sick right now. The gym also closes at 4pm on a Sunday which hasn't left me much time. Will definitely NOT buy the soup again and I will be back to the gym on Monday.

Food has been mostly good this week. Breakfast has been OK. Lunch has been mostly healthy. I had some delicious 'skinny' soup on Thursday and Friday and now that its getting cold I might have this more often.

Dinners have been a bit out of hand. I haven't been eating PROPER meals for dinner. My boyfriend has never been hungry and I can't be bothered cooking for myself and since I haven't been going to the gym I've just been in a funk.

Today, I had a different flavour soup, Pulled Pork and Beans. At first I thought it was gonna be good and I did eat it all, but after I felt so sick and horrible.

Dinners will get better now I'm back at the gym again. I'll start cooking for myself if I need to. NO EXCUSES.

Things always get better after I've managed to scrape my arse off the couch and back to the gym when I've had a break.

General Well Being
I've been feeling poooooo-py! I've been feeling tired and lethargic this week. I've been feeling bad and guilty about not going to the gym this week.

My mood ridiculously changed when I got back to the gym. My energy levels are back up and I'm feeling much happier.

Next week is going to be a turn around. I have a feeling it will be a good week. Like I've already mentioned before, It normally turns itself around after I get back at the gym.

Here's to a better week! Hopefully I will have good things to report next week!

Speak to you all soon! x

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