Sum-It-Up Sunday


Let's just be pretty blunt here. I've been lazy as f**k this week. I've made excuses about not leaving the new kitten on her own so I didn't have to go to the gym,myet was pretty pissed off that I was feeling really poop and bloated and down right awful this week.

It's my own fault. End of. Stop making excuses and get back to the gym.

Food as been OK this eek but not totally great. I've been under my cals for the week, I've eaten pretty healthily for breakfast and lunch. I've Ben making my own salads for work so that's been healthy. My snacking and dinner has been bad though. Too much sugar/sweet things in my snacks and not enough nutrition in my dinner meals.

Mostly because I just can't be bothered cooking. This has to change. Its totally unhealthy.

Well being
Not rally much I can say here after summing up my food and exercise. Been feeling pretty disappointed in myself for not exercising. Knew I could have made better food choices.

Made no effort. Feel bad about it now.

On the upside. I have been feeling mostly happy this week due to my adorable baby kitten. She's a sweetheart and I love her very much. I would be more than happy to go to the gym of I could take her with me. Obviously this not gonna happen.

Hopefully next week will be much MUCH better than this week and I will have something better to tell you all.

Speak to you all next week! Hope everyone has had a good and healthy week! Keep up the good work! X

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