Sum-it-up Sunday


Monday: REST
Tuesday: REST
Wednesday: gym
Thursday: gym
Friday: gym
Saturday: Nothing
Sunday: Some walking

Been lacking on the gym front this week. Monday and Tuesday, my left calf was REALLY tight and hurting. I couldn't walk properly so there was no chance of doing anything at the gym so I had a rest. I went to the gym and got in good workouts of Weds, Thurs and Friday. From Friday night onwards it went down hill.

Long story short. I had a fight with my boyfriend Friday night, ended up packing my things and leaving Saturday morning. Stayed out all Saturday, came back Saturday night, he wouldn't talk to me, and I left it till today. Glad we have sorted things out but didn't fit in the gym today but did get some walking in round town trying to get kitten stuff for when my new kitten comes on Tuesday.

My food choices have been really good healthiness wise this week(in my opinion). However, they've been a little boring and lacked variety. I had the same lunch all week. I made my own salad with Lettuce, Cucumber, Pepper, Cherry Tomatoes and Raddish and included a tin of Tuna with  some mixed in low fat mayonnaise.

Now, I admit, it was delicious. I loved the salad. but by the end of the week, I was SO bored with the Tuna. I will definitely mix it up next time.

I've been quite high on protein all this week due to the tuna. I've been making Scrambled Eggs on toast or a sandwich (bacon) for dinner. Haven't been particularly hungry after I get back from my workout and thus, don't really want to be cooking a proper meal.

I don't particularly know how to solve this right now, but I will think of something!

Well Being
I was feeling pretty good up until Thursday. As you all know I forgot to take a picture of my weigh in, I weighed in 2lbs heavier than when I weighed myself on the Wednesday, I shrugged it off, but it seems that weight wont go away.

Then, as I mentioned above, Friday night I had an argument with my boyfriend so I've pretty much been on a downer since then. Everything is sorted now though and I'm in happier spirits now. Lets hope for good news on Wednesday at weigh in. We'll see.

Hope everyone had a good week! See you in my next post!

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