Weigh-In Wednesday


Today's Weigh-in:

YEEEAAAAAAH BOIIIIIIII! That's 1.4lbs down from  last week. That also means that I am now NORMAL on the BMI scale! Not by much, but I don't care! I'm in the greeeeen!

I've day dreamed and wished and hoped for this day ever since I started the whole weight-loss getting healthy thing and its finally here!

By all means, I'm not done what-so-ever with my weight loss journey, I still have a long way to go to be what I consider acceptable for my own body but I'm totally pumped with being 'normal'!

I did have to weigh myself about 3-4 times just to make sure that the scales weren't playing up on me this week. I was expecting 0.5lb loss this week, not 3x that.

Hopefully things stay on track and weight continues to come off like this, if it doesn't, so be it. I'll still be here blogging my weight loss journey ever week and will continue to do so even after I'm finished I reckon. I'm quite enjoying blogging atm.

Anyway! Enough of my rambling, Hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far. Hope the weather is not putting a downer on your week!

Stay Healthy! x

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