Sum-It-Up Sunday


On Monday I went running, I thought it was going to be hard. It actually wasn't that bad at all to be honest! I ran 31minutes. I was not expecting to run that far at all, I thought 15mins max.

On Tuesday, I didn't go to the gym. I was feeling seriously sick and nervous about my driving test the next day so i didn't go.

On Wednesday, I went to the gym, I was feeling good, got in a good hour and a half workout.

On Thursday and Friday I took a break from  the gym. This isn't really an excuse but my boyfriend hurt his back at work and couldn't really move around much without being in agony. I had to look after him which sucked.

On Saturday I did a spinning class in the morning. My boyfriends back got better and we decided to go to Heacham beach with the dog and took a really long walk, we were out for at least half the day.

This morning I went to the carboot in Fordham with my boyfriends nan whilst my boyfriend was working this morning so I got in some walking there too. So that's it for my week of exercise.

I really thought that going running on Monday would have enticed my motivation to go out running, turns out it didn't as I haven't been again this week. My boyfriends nan has insisted that she takes the dog in the morning as she doesn't want to go later in the day so I don't HAVE a reason that i have to go out. If she'd have said I had to run the dog, maybe things would have been different but nope. Looks like I will have to start doing the dreadmill at the gym to get in some running.

Food wise I've actually been pretty good this week. With my boyfriends nan being down this week she has been cooking pretty healthily this week so my food has been pretty good. I'm happy about my eating this week :)

General Well Being
I've been feeling REALLY good this week. Exercise has been OK, could be better but I'm not worried about it. Eating has been really good so I'm happy about that and I also mentioned passing my driving test this week so I've felt EVEN better this week!

I had a sneaky weigh in yesterday, I don't know why I just found myself stepping on the scales. I was down a pound this week why makes me hopeful but I'm not tracking it on MFP or anything until my official weigh in this Wednesday, hopefully it stays off. We will see.

Hope everyone has been having a good week and weekend! The weather has been lovely this weekend. Keep up the exercise and healthy eating!

Speak to you all soon! x

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