Sum-It-Up Sunday



Monday: rest
Tuesday: dentist
Wednesday: gym
Thursday: gym
Friday: rest
Saturday: gym
Sunday: gym

I have been walking around non stop all day this week. My job requires me to test wireless devices so it requires me to walk at range with devices and make sure they work. So I have been literally walking around all day this week testing turtle each wireless headsets.

I have been to the gym 4 times this week. I'm pretty happy about that, I've had more rest days this week due to the dentist however, like I mentioned, I've been walking around all week so I have done SOME exercise at least on my rest days.

I was supposed to be doing running today in the gym, but I wore the completely wrong thing and my pants kept falling down so I had to stop the running. In the process of trying to pull up my pants whilst running, I whacked my knuckle on the treadmill and its swelled and bruised pretty bad.

Anyway, after i stopped running I decided to try some incline running to see what it was like.... WHY DIDN'T I DO THIS BEFORE. I maxed out the incline on the treadmills that we have at the gym and after 5 minutes of max incline at 3.5mph, I was SWEATING and out of breath. After 10 mins, I felt like my legs were gonna drop off but carried on anyway.

I managed 20 mins before I stopped. I REALLY enjoyed it and felt like I got as much of a workout as I would running so it might encourage me to use the treadmill abit more. I will probably do incline walks more often after that.

So overall its been a good week for working out and I feel good!

Food has been fairly good this week, the majority of my meals have been healthy this week, however, the weekend was a little poor. I was under my calories on both Saturday and today as I don't eat lunch over the weekend. I know I should but I am either out and busy or I'm not hungry. I will make sure this improves and make sure I have something stocked in for lunch next weekend. Meals in the evening have been pretty healthy though so that's good.

Overall, a good week of eating, I'm pretty happy with myself.

General Well Being
I've been pumped this week. I've felt pretty good due to good food choices and I've been pretty happy for going to the gym. I actually felt quite miserable when I wasn't able to go to the gym on Tuesday because of the dentist, but it really wasn't an option. I was dribbling PRETTY bad. It was not a good look for the gym!

Hopefully next week will be just as good if not better for food and exercise.

Hope everyone has had a fabulous week of healthy eating and fitness! I've heard the rain has been really bad in places. Hope it hasn't been too bad for everyone!

Speak to you all soon! x

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