Sum-It- Up Sunday


Monday: nothing
Tuesday: dentist
Wednesday: 35min elliptical, arms and legs strength training,
Thursday: bike 23min, elliptical 10mins, strength on arms
Friday: Rest
Saturday: treadmill 20min, elliptical 20min and strength training on arms
Sunday: A lot of cleaning

I admit, this week has been a little sucky to say the least. I didn't go to the gym Monday, I don't even know why. Probably something to do with my boyfriend not going and me being a complete wimp and not wanting to go on my own.

Tuesday I had the Dentist, its been absolutely years since I last went to the dentist (I have a MASSIVE fear of Dentists and Needles so tried to avoid going at all costs).  It was horrible, I cried before I even got the anaesthetic(which wasn't THAT bad) and then cried after it all finished because my boyfriend was taking the mick out of me for talking funny with a numb mouth. I have to go back next Tuesday which makes things worse -_-'.

Wednesday and Thursday was really good. I went to the gym and got in a really good workout. It was awesome. Friday, I had a rest day. I didn't particularly need one, but I took one anyway. -_-'

Saturday was an awesome workout day, I went on the treadmill, haven't been on it for ages because I really didn't like it. Considering I'm not running outside any more it only felt right to include the treadmill in my workout routine.

and today I have been cleaning lots, my boyfriend makes the bedroom a mess, never picks things up and leaves it all to me. Sheets needed cleaning, everything needed dusting, hoovering. Rubbish needed picking up, washing needed to be taken down, clean clothes needed to be put away. It was some hard work.

I COULD have gone to the gym today, but decided to take the time to sort things out and I've made myself a cute little workout calendar for my workouts at the gym to keep me motivated.

I'll be including a picture of it when I do a post on my gym routine which will be coming sometime this week!

Food hasn't been good, but hasn't been terrible. I'm in a funk of not knowing what the hell I want to eat, or not really wanting something that takes too long to cook, so I've had a lot of things 'on toast'. Scrambled Eggs on Toast, Spaghetti on Toast, Chocolate Spread on Toast... You get my gist.

I have been eating well for Lunch at work and Snacks though so I'm pretty happy about that I just need to sort the eating out at home and I'll be all sorted.

General Well-Being
I think a part of me not being on track this week is because I seem to be getting incredibly frustrated when I don't see a loss on the scale which is what happened this Wednesday. It sucked. I took it on the chin on Wednesday but was really fed up afterwards, I didn't feel motivated.

I was on a Downer Tuesday because of the Dentist and being told I will have to go back for more work as they didn't have time.

I'm hoping my pretty workout calendar will help with my motivation and get me into a routine. But tbh, I'm REALLY hoping for a loss this week to boost my mood a little, even half a pound will help. Hopefully my exercise after mid week will show something. We will see I guess.

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