Sum-It-Up Sunday


Monday: Run/Walk
Tuesday: Spinning
Wednesday: nothing
Thursday: nothing
Friday: nothing
Saturday: Spinning
Sunday: nothing

Had a few days off this week. Not because I wanted to but because I had to. Our dogs had a fight, one came out worse and has bite marks, as me and my boyfriend are the only ones looking after the dogs whilst his mother was on holiday, they need to be guarded until his mother got back on Friday morning. I've had to keep cleaning bites and ensuring everything is OK so the gym was out of the question for Wednesday and Thursday and Friday.

Eating during the week wasn't too bad at all, I ate pretty healthily during the week whilst my boyfriends nan was down, she made homemade dinners. That was until it got to Friday when his nan left to go home.

Friday night I got back home late and by then, I really couldn't be bothered cooking anything so me and my boyfriend went to get take-out. We ended up having a small kebab each. I REALLY regret it. At the time I really enjoyed eating it, it was lovely. However, afterwards I felt shit. My stomach was hurting and I felt gross.

I felt more gross the morning after, it was horrible and I didn't eat anything until dinner time. I skipped Breakfast and Lunch as I just wasn't hungry so that wasn't good. I did eat a good meal that night though and today's eating hasn't been that bad either.

General Well-Being
I've been doing pretty well. Pretty happy with myself except for Friday and Saturday. I checked my weight against the BMI scale. Im 1lb of being a 'normal' weight and that makes me extremely excited. I will hopefully make it there by next weigh in. I don't think I've been a normal weight since primary school so it should feel good when I'm finally there.

I am however, not at my goal. I'm not at all happy with my body and how it looks so there is still work to be done. I will be making a separate post with measurements and current body shot pictures so I have them as a comparison.

Hopefully, next week will bring some exciting news and a better week in general. Speak to you all next week! x

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