Sum-It-Up Sunday


I've been to the gym 4 times this week. Tuesday I had my first Spinning class since I've been back from Scotland. It was great and I really enjoyed it. Definitely going to be continuing with that class. I was so disappointed when I had to cancel a spinning class I booked yesterday morning. I completely forgot I had a driving lesson.

At some point this week I will be making a post about my resistance training that I will be doing including which parts of the body I do resistance training on and how many reps/sets I do.

Since Im doing the resistance training to gain muscle, I'm hoping I see some progress and then I will start lifting real weights in the free weights room once I'm ready. The weights room intimidates me right now though. I don't want to go in there with all the buff men that I weight lifting and look stupid. I'm going to suggest to the owner of the gym to run a training session for women in the weights room for an hour ever couple of days to try and get more women going into the weights room.

I have a feeling that other women in the gym are like me and don't want to go in there with all the men for fear of intimidation or looking silly. I think a weights class for women would be really good. The free weights room shouldn't just be classed as the boys room.

I think I ate pretty good this week. I've been making healthier choices at work and with the added exercise of Cardio and resistance this week I am hoping for a loss on Wednesday, we will see. I want to get back down to my lowest recorded weight of 157lbs, that would be awesome.

I have been under my calories on MFP, however that's because of the calories taken off for exercise. I need to get my eating scheduled better for next week and eat some extra calories during the day so I don't have 500+ calories left at the end of the day that I don't eat.

My only worry about eating more during the day to compensate for extra calories is that I don't want to be over my calories by the time I finish work and then for some reason not go to the gym. There's a very slim chance that this would happen as I'm motivated more than ever to go to the gym now I'm back on it but it still worries me.

General Well Being
I'm feeling pretty good this week. Feel like I'm more full of energy, although that doesn't make sense because i should be more tired after working out. But I'll take the extra energy boost.

Im also feeling more positive this week after starting back at the gym. Positive about losing weight again after gaining during my holidays over the last couple of months.

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