Weigh In Wednesday


I've been slacking on the whole blog front really. I've got ideas for regular posts that will go up during the week.

I have decided to change my weigh-ins to a Wednesday to tie in with the blog post. I will be taking pictures of my weight on the scale and weighing in every Wednesday. This is a weight loss blog after all and I haven't really be talking about my weight loss or routine so I will make sure I do this more often with the scheduled posts.

So, for todays weigh in:

That's 160.8lbs. When I came back from Scotland I was 161.8 so I've dropped 1lb since then. However, my lowest recorded weight from before my Holiday to Egypt was 158lbs so I'm still almost 3lbs heavier. I need to sort this out.

I'm disappointed it wasn't more, but gaining whilst on holiday was inevitable. I just need to get back to eating healthy and gyming it out!

Keep tuned for posts coming up during the week and I will speak to you next weigh-in!

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