Sum-It-Up Sundays


As part of a new way to get more posts on my blogs, you may have noticed a string of titled blog posts that will go up every week.

Today is Sum-It-Up Sundays.

This is where I will sum-up my week from Monday- through to Sunday, listing the exercise that I have done during the week, how I've been eating and my overall happiness this week.

So, for todays post.

Throughout the week the only thing I have been doing is walking to and from work from the bus stop and not much else which sucks.

I FINALLY found my motivation for the gym Yesterday. Did the Elliptical for 25mins, Bike for 21mins, Resistance Training on Arms and 10min warm-up and cool-down walks to and from the gym. Feeling good!

Went to the gym early this morning too and did the bike for 21mins, Resistance training on Legs and 10min warm-up and cool-down walks to and from the gym.

Feeling so good about getting back into the gym. I'm gonna take up running again next week I hope. Just need the motivation to do it.

This hasn't been TOO bad, but it could be much better. Me and my boyfriend are stuck in a rut with not wanting to cook food or don't really know what to eat so we just eat when we feel its convenient and We've had Costa a few times this week and when we've been there I've always taken the most healthy choices available.

I don't really want to go to Costa and its heavy on the money front so we are definitely going to be cutting that down to once a week, probably on the weekend.

The boyfriend has been working overtime this week, he normally starts work at 6am but he's been starting work at 5am for the last 2 weeks. This is was his last week so he should be back to normal, back to the gym and back to normal eating!

General well being:
I'm feeling OK. I was disappointed about the gain from this weeks weigh in. I'm disappointed about not having proper cooked food most of the week. Didn't go to the gym much this week either. Only on Saturday and Sunday.

Things WILL be better next week. I've used this week to come up with a suitable gym routine for during the week that I'm gonna follow with Cardio and Resistance. I want to start lifting but I'm quite weak so I'll have to start building up to that.

Hopefully everyone's week has been better than mine. Sorry I'm not that inspiring or motivating this week. I'll be better next week. Until then! x

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