I'm baaaaack!


Hi everyone, sorry it's been so long since I last updated. I completely forgot to mention that I was going to Egypt for 2 weeks with my boyfriend. I'm pretty sure I mentioned it before in a post but I should have reminded everyone.

Anyway, as for an update, Egypt was amazing as usual, food was delicious and therefore I had too much.

Weight wise, I came back weighing 6lbs more so that's not good. However, I weighed myself a day after I got back and I'd already lost half. I'm not weighing myself again till usual Monday weigh in. We will see if it has come back off.

I joined a gym that opened up 10minutes down the road. It's really good. It's cheap and there is plenty of cardio and resistance machines to use and a free weights room.

Me and my boyfriend joined on Friday and we have been everyday so far. Hopefully it stays like that and the gym helps with my weight loss. Let's see!

As for running, there isn't much to update on that because I haven't run for a while. My last run was probably a day or two before the holiday so I probably haven't properly run for about 3 weeks. I have been running on the treadmill in the gym though, I don't know if I'm still able t run for 30mins but I can atleast run 20. I did that in the gym this morning.

I promise I won't go away again anytime soon. I will update again tomorrow for weigh in, hopefully I've lost all my oil day weight.

Speak to you all tomorrow! X

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