I know.. I know... :/


I know I said that I would update more regularly and I said I'd be updating with my weigh in, however, I wasn't pleased with my weigh in this week and I didn't have much else to report.

The last week has been pretty crap. On Monday I weighed in. I hadn't lost anything so I still haven't lost all the weight I gained from my holiday hitch is depressing. I've been trying so hard.

Well. On the good side, this week has been my first full week that I have been signed up to the gym and I've been 5/7 days. I had my rest days on Wednesday and Thursday, I don't plan on having them one after the other again. It's just we went to London to watch Matilda at the theatre, which was amazing btw! And I was so sore on weds and thurs so I took a break.

On Saturday I did my first ever fitness class at the gym. I did a spinning class and it was HARD! But I worked my ass off and felt good afterwards.

I've gotten into a routine at the gym. I do 20minutes on the treadmill, 15minutes on the bike, 10minutes on the elliptical and then 5minutes on the rower.

Depending on what I feel like after cardio, I normally also do resistance training. There are 9 resistance training machines, I do all of these machines. On each machine I do 3 sets of 15 reps.

For now, this routine is quite good for me but I am going to change it up. It's good to change your exercise routine up abit. Ive heard it loads reading that it's muscle confusion. Its supposed to help avoid a plateau. Hopefully it will help break my stubborn weight loss. We will see.

I have a weigh in tomorrow and I know I said I would update aftermy last one so I won't be doing that again. I'm not going to promise to do something if I'm not sure I'll do it.so I will just update whenever I feel like it. Whenever I have something to talk about.

Im not really counting on tomorrows weigh in but I guess we will see what happens. I hope everyone is well! Until next time! :)

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