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I really want to get into this blogging thing and I always think of updating my blog but never really know what to talk about or simply forget about it before I have chance to update you guys on anything.

I have a few posts that I will be writing and updating here over the next week or so so stay tuned for those, hopefully they will be of some use to someone.

Anyway, onto my update. As most of you will know from my previous posts, I went on Holiday in the middle of June. After I got back from my marvellous 2 weeks away, I weighed myself and found that I'd gained about 8lbs which I was SO not happy about.

However! I did get right back on track, I got back to eating healthier and doing more exercise. The weight was taking FOREVER to come off. its been about 5 weeks since I've been back from my holiday and Im happy to announce that I have lost all my holiday weight again and a little more.

I'm now at my lowest recorded weight of 71.4kg / 157lbs / 11st 2lbs which I'm happy about. The gym has been going really well. I think its safe to say that I'm alittle addicted to spinning classes. I go to 2 a week atm. I cant go to more because it will become expensive but if I could I would go most days.

I haven't run outside since before the holiday which is BAD. I really need to start running outside again because I enjoyed that too. Hopefully the weather improve because until then, its gonna be the treadmill at the gym.

I've been looking at the Zombies, Run! app for the android, it looks brill and so much fun. I might buy that just to get back into running again. I will keep you all updated if i decide to go that route.

Im currently in the process of coming up with a workout schedule that I can do at the gym. At the moment, Im spending about 2hours at the gym trying to fit in my cardio and resistance/weights and its way too long. I think Im gonna try and cut it down by half and do 30min cardio, 30 min resistance each day instead and then a longer workout on the weekends.

When I have a schedule all setup, I will make a post about my workout routine just incase it is helpful for anyone. I will ofcourse test the routine out first. Chances are the first one will be crap.

I think thats it for updates. Other than my holiday weight loss and the gym, everything has been pretty boring. Like I said, keep an eye out for the posts that I will be putting up during the week.

Until then! Hope everyone has a great week! x

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