Quite Pleasant Foggy Run..


Yesterday I changed my exercise schedule so that I will now do my runs in the morning. My boyfriend woke me up at 6am when he goes to work. I stayed on the phone with him on the way to work and then got ready for my run.

I hadn't looked outside before hand and only just noticed it  was quite foggy outside, I got a bit paranoid, I didn't know how bad the fog would be down at the river but I wasn't going to let that stop me.

I set off with my 5 minute brisk walk, the fog wasn't too bad, I could still see quite a bit in front of me. As has been in the last few blog posts, I did run 2 of week 6 again, so two 10minute runs with a 3minute walk in between.

The run wasn't too bad actually, when I'd finished my run I was awake and refreshed and felt really good. At that point after finishing the second run I decided to pluck up the courage and do the final run for week 6. The 20minute run.

My only nark for running in the morning is that the grass is a little damp down at the river and my shoes and socks got soaked when running on the grass which wasn't nice. I may have to settle with running on the roads when I run in the morning or put up with it. I suppose anything is better than running in the heat we have had lately.

I will be running that tomorrow. I'm glad that its tomorrow and not today. As I've mentioned, my boyfriend and I are in charge of the house and the animals for the week whilst his mother is on holiday. This is proving to be quite difficult for us.

She told us to make it as though we had just moved into our own house. This annoyed me. This is NOTHING like us moving into our new house. We would NOT have 2 dogs, 3 cats, a billion snakes and a lizard to look after on top of the house work.

I was already rushed off my feet this morning, she left us a list of everything to do throughout the week. This includes taking one of the dogs for a walk(the other is old and doesn't want to walk). Come back home, feed the dogs and cats, put the washing out on the line, put the dishwasher on, make sure everything is tidy.

On top of this, one of the cats decided to have a much on one of the plants on the side and pulled it off so soil and smashed pot went everywhere so that was extra cleaning.

I'm not letting this ruin my running again, I don't want another break from running after what the last break did to my running. I'm gonna try the 20min run tomorrow which means I don't need to take the dog with me, my boyfriend will be home, he can take care of them. Hopefully the 20min run will be no problem, I guess I will find out when I'm out.

On the other days after that when I run, I will have to take the dog with me running, 'she is used to running' they said... Yes, she is, but she is used to running with a certain person that isn't me, she may not behave so well.

Should be FUN!

Anyway, enough ranting about my responsibilities this week. I hope everyone has had a good week and has a  great weekend!

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