My First and Second 20min runs


So, On Saturday I decided enough was enough, time to stop being a baby and being worried about running longer. I was comfortably running for 10 minutes at a time, why not go for longer?

I got up fairly early on Saturday Morning, after looking at the weather forecast I knew I was not going to run later on in the day so decided to just get it over with.

I got dressed and setup my podcast with c25k week 6 run 3. I hadn't looked at the run time before hand but assumed it was 20 minutes. I took off on my brisk warm-up walk listening to Laura introduce this run. She said that run 3 would consist of a 25minute run! TWENTY-FIVE!

I was all up for doing 20 minutes, that's double what I have been doing over the last week but I wasn't quite ready for 25. Whilst I was walking, I was fiddling about with my phone, stopping the podcast and putting on my own music and set a timer for 20 minutes that I would run to instead.

When I got down to the river, I began my 20minute run, my legs felt so heavy it was unreal. It was hot out too even for the morning so I remembered my water bottle this time! My boyfriend walked behind me with the dog so I could find him later on after my run.

I struggled for the first couple of minutes, then the heaviness in my legs started to go away (I don't know what is causing the heavy feeling in my legs, so if someone knows, feel free to shed some light on this!) and I was running easily. The run felt like it was going on forever!

When I was on my way back towards home, I was thinking 'geez! Surely its been 20minutes already, maybe I didn't set my timer correctly!' so I got my phone out of my arm holder to check the timer. The timer was right, I had 30 seconds left to push myself but looking at the 30second timer put me off and made it much harder to finish my run.

I did it though and I was very proud of myself!

Today's run was even better! I decided not to run along the river and just to run on the roads/path around town to see whether i would run any better and I did! Running on the roads/path was MUCH easier than running on the grass by the river.

My breathing was SO much better and I felt like I had loads of energy for my run. After the 10 minute mark I turned round to head back. Another 10 minutes passed with ease and I could hear the sound of my timer alarm. However, I kept running (I'd had a discussion with my boyfriend about the C25k the day before and he recommended to just keep increasing my running by a minute each time I feel comfortable from now on) I thought I would try for an extra minute and by the time I looked at the clock on my phone I'd done an extra 3minutes!

I stopped after the extra 3minutes. As much as I wanted to see how far I could run, I had priorities and responsibilities waiting for me at home that needed doing and all of it had to be done within an hour before I needed to catch the bus.

I had to shower, feed the dogs and cats, turn on the reptile lights, make sure doors were open again, check all the litter trays and put the washing machine on. I hadn't even fed myself before it was time to leave for work! I've been so stressed out trying to get everything done the past couple of days, I'm counting the days till my boyfriends mum is back home and I wont have to do this again!

Oh, I forgot to mention, I said that I would be running with the dog. I am NOT running with the dog, I tried it on Sunday evening when I took her for a walk, she got WAY over excited and PULLED me down the road.

My boyfriend is taking her running in the morning whilst I sleep instead because he is up for work early anyway. At least I can continue running at my own pace with no interruptions of having to take the dog on a walk instead.

I have my first Ultrasound Weight Loss appointment tomorrow evening, I will update on that with information and details of how it went.

Well, Until next time! I hope everyone enjoyed the warm weather this weekend and hope you all have an amazing week!

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