A lovely day for a run..



It was really warm yesterday. Now, I'm not one to complain, I LOVE the hot weather.

I decided to repeat my week 6 run 2 again, I'm probably gonna do it again aswell to make sure I'm back in the swing of things after my week out of running.

I wore a running t-shirt (the breathable type, really thin) and some 3/4 joggers. It was quite warm outside, i remember thinking on my warm-up walk... Ooh! this is gonna be a nice run. Boy was I wrong...

When I got down to the river and began my run, the temperature had really hiked up, or atleast that's what it felt like whilst I was running. No doubt its because I started running and I was getting hotter too. I'm not gonna lie, I struggled BAD. I was praying that she would say the 10minutes were up.

My boyfriend has been injured the last week and a half and he attempted running again today, he told me that I should run into the walk part and see how far I could go. I think I remember telling him to piss off, politely ;) I was struggling with the heat.

When Laura said that it was time for the 3minute walk, I was relieved but it also felt like it flew by!

I decided to try and run on the road on the way back, I've never ran on the road before, i've always heard that running on grass is easier. Tbh, I found the road easier to run on and although the run back was hard, it wasn't as bad as my first 10 minute run.

I still don't feel like I'm ready to move on to the last run for week 6 if I'm still struggling with 10minute runs. I'm gonna do run 2 once more and then attempt the 20 minute run. We will see how it goes, hopefully my next run will be good enough to give me the confidence to do the 20minute run.

On other news, I quit the 30 day shred. I really didn't have the motivation to do it. I feel better and happier doing other forms of exercise without feeling like I have to do it. Its draining feeling like that. Instead, I'm doing 30minutes on the cross trainer we have at home and I'm going to start incorporating some weight training for my arms.

My schedule over the next 2 weeks or so is gonna be out of whack. My boyfriends mum is on holiday in Turkey for a week and we are in charge of the zoo. She has a lot of animals and they need looking after, this means lots of walking the dogs, feeding the cats.

I'm probably going to swap my running to the morning instead of the evening, one of the dogs is used to running in the morning with my boyfriends mum so hopefully she will behave herself with me. That will leave me time in the afternoon to walk to dogs again, feed to cats and do everything else she has made me a list for.

Then starting next week I have 6 appointments at an Ultrasound Weight Loss Clinic but I will explain more about that in another blog when I have my first appointment next Tuesday.

So busy busy week! I will make sure I keep updating the blog as things happen! Hope everyone has some wonderful weather and a great week!

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