Long Time..No Blog..


So yeah... Long time no blog..

It's been over a week since I last updated. That's because there hasn't been much to blog about. Last week was hectic, I was very busy with events, birthdays including my own and really shitty weather stopping me from running outside.

The last time I updated my blog it was about week 6 run 1. Well, since that blog I didn't run again for a week. I did a run on Friday and this morning.

Fridaywas week 6 run 2 which consisted of:

  • 10 minute run
  • 3 minute walk
  • 10 minute run
  • 5 minute cool down walk

This proved to be quite difficult on Friday due to not running in a week. The first 10 minutes was ok. Got past the 3 minute walk. Then started off with my next 10 minute run. Got to 5minutes when Laura from the podcast told me that's how much I'd done. Then I saw my boyfriends mum walking the dog just up the river from where I run. I knew it would be bad from there on.

I kept running past her, she knows how it is, she knows I'm fairly new to running and she didn't say anything, the bad thing was the bloody dog. She thought it was a game and started chasing me and no matter how much my boyfriends mum called her she would not go back. I ended up having to slow right down and eventually stop to get her to go back.

This really screwed me over. After I'd got her back I started running again. I only managed 2 minutes before I had to stop again because I couldn't catch my breath. I walked for 30seconds and started running again. Had to stop yet again after another 2minutes so I just gave up.by the time I'd caught my breath it was the end of the run.

I felt defeated and I cried all the way home. I so hoped id be able to do it. I think the walking is doing my harm than good now and I get more exhausted doing the walking intervals than just straight running.

I got up early and did the same run 2 today. It was a lot better. I finished both 10 minute runs. I'm going to repeat run 2 and couple more times before I attempt the last run of week 6 to build my stamina up from the week off.

So I'm upto date c25k wise. 30 day shred hasn't been too bad. Still doing it. Not long left till that is done thank god.

I went swimming yesterday. It was so tiring and I'm so sore in my neck and arms. Atleast I know I had a good workout.

On the downside, it was my birthday this week and is a friends birthday tomorrow. So this week has been an abundance of cake and if it's there I tend to eat it which is bad.

I promise to update more often now I'm back on track with everything. I hope everyone's week has been good. Until next time! X

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