C25K Week 5 Final run.


So I did my final run of week 5 today. I had been dreading it all day. It had been raining before hand so knew it would be really muddy and slippy down at the river where I run. I was discussing with my boyfriend whether or not I would go running or not. I almost didn't.

My exact words were 'making excuses is not getting it done, I'm going running'. I wanted to just get the run over and done with. I was either gonna do it easily or I was going to struggle with it.

Well... It was in the middle. I wouldn't say I did great but I didn't do bad either. The final run of week 5 is just the dreaded 20 minute run. I big leap from the 8 minute runs that I did two days ago. I ploughed on anyway.

I decided fuse my own music instead of listening t the podcast and used a timer and an alarm to let me know when the 20 minutes was up. I wish I hadn't. It might have been easier with Laura n the podcast telling me how long I had left fr motivation.

Anyway, the first 8 minutes or so were no problem. At that point I was thinking I might be able t actually do it. I know it was about 8 minutes because from the start of my run, running along the river to a set of railway lines has been exactly 8 minutes on my other runs so I know I did atleast that much. After the 8 minutes I carried on, turned runs at the railway gates and set off on my way back. I started to get a little breathless and there was a little hill so I walked up instead of running, it was only about 10 seconds for walking.

After I got up the hill I was straight back to running. At this point I wish I'd never stopped to walk up the hill. I felt more breathless than before but I kept running anyway.

I got to 14 minutes of running before I had to slow down to a walk and crossed a road to the other side of the river. I looked at my phone, it said I had aale ins 45 seconds left so I took 30 seconds of walking to catch my breath.

After the 30 seconds were up I started running again. I managed another 4miutes before I felt like I was going to be sick and had to walk again for 30 seconds or so. Again after the 30 seconds I went back to running for the last 2 minutes.

My timer went off at the 20minute point and I started walking again and was panting and trying to catch my breath again. Walked VERY slowly over the majorly muddy part of the river side towards the road.

I felt like I'd somewhat failed and wanted to redeem myself. As soon as I got off the river and onto the road I decided t run the rest of the way home which was an extra 3 minutes of running which makes up for my walking.

When sat at home resting, thinking at my run, ne part f me was proud that've done here first 14mins of running. It was almost double the 8 minute runs I had dne before without a break(I'm not really going to count a 10 second walk a break, it wasn't much time to catch my breath back).

The other part of me was disappointed. I SO wanted to complete the full 20 minutes without stopping, just couldn't d it. I have been thinking about repeating the run again tomorrow(as long as conditions are good) to see if it will be any better without wind, no stopping for hills and roads and no slippy surfaces. But I'm to sure. I might just more t week 6. It goes back to smaller runs with breaks so it might be btpetter to just carry on with the plan.

I will probably do the latter idea but I will keep you all updated on what i do. You will see a post tomorrow if I decided to repeat the run.

I have nothing else worth while talking about. 30 day shred is the same as before, so I guess thats all I have to say! I hope you are all having a great week!

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